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The target program is designed to prepare participants to face the mindset, behavior and understand the importance of the organization itself.

The program will be designed based on the Training Needs Analysis, so the program is conducted in accordance with needs and right on target.

In formulating a training program, there are four approaches that we do are:

  1. Wilderness activity, uncertainly & risk
  2. Group dynamic, social interaction
  3. Problem solving, challenge
  4. Generalizing, applying

With this approach, the experiences of the participants will be able to create an experience that is positive attitude, which will automatically have a positive impact on the performance of the organization or company.



    Learning cycle outdoor training outbound



Program Type Recreation Education Development
Main Goals To change feelings To change thinking To change behaving
Duration 0,5 - 2 Days 1-3 Days 2-5 Days
Participant number 20 - 1000 10 - 100 5 - 60
Staff:Participant (Ratio) 1:20 1:12 1:10
Debriefing Percent 0% 25% 50%
OD Goals linkage Disconnected (fun) Aware & Related Well Integrated
HR Personnel Role Can be absent May observe Should observe
Facilitation Skill Required None (no need for formal facilitation) Debriefing, Funneling Direct fronloading, isomorphic framing